INTERESTING- 6 New Ways to Stimulate A Woman’s Cl!toris

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I think by now, it’s a well-known fact that most women need more than penetration in order to orgasm. They need direct and consistent cl!toral stimulation. The cl!toris has around 8,000 nerve endings, which is roughly double the number in a pen!s. Most people call the cl!toris a little “nub” at the top of a vulva where the inner labia meet, but that’s just one part of it.

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The full cl!toris is shaped kind of like a wishbone and extends up to five inches inside the body. Even though the cl!toris is a highly erogenous zone packed with a lot of nerve endings, that doesn’t mean you can just poke it and expect your partner to moan in ecstasy. Here are 6 new techniques and preferred ways to touch a woman’s cl!toris.

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Imagine the cl!toris has a clock on it, where the top point, closest to their bellybutton, is twelve, and the spot closest to their vag!nal opening is six. Move along their cl!t around the clock with a finger or s3x toy, starting from twelve and going in a circle slowly, asking them to let you know which spot feels the best.


Here, once you find the right spot, try different ways of touching it. The things you can vary are pressure, friction, speed, and angle. You can tell them to make a noise, squeeze your hand, or say something when it feels particularly good.



There is a saying that goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” The most common frustrating thing men do is change things up too much. Once you find what works, keep doing it. You don’t need a million different tricks. You just need to find the thing they like, and consistently repeat it. Then let it build up enough to push them over the edge.


With this, slide or bring the heel of your hand to the hood of their cl!toris. Have your partner breathe and ask them if they want more or less pressure. You may want to repeat this, pulse, or slide. You can also apply pressure with other things besides your hands, including s3x toys.



I’m assuming most of us know how to do the peace sign so put your fingers in a peace sign and with lots of lube, slide them up and down on the inside of their outer lips and around the inner lips of the vag!na. Here you are stimulating the extended internal structure of the cl!tor!s. This is an erectile tissue that becomes highly sensitive when engorged, making the area hotter, filled with blood and pulsing. Make sure that you use plenty of lube because this does not feel pleasurable without it.


Spread your fingers and lay them flat over your partner’s outer labia, and then alternate pressure between your fingers. As always, explore pressure and rhythm, and ask your partner what feels best. Here you are stimulating the cl!toral bulbs under the outer labia, which is an essential way to signal to the body to produce lubrication and fill the area with blood to greatly increase pleasure and sensitivity.

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