Girls Be careful! See How A girl Lost her memory after she was dumped by an unknown person

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Girls, you people have to be careful, very careful with the kind of guys you call your fiancée/boyfriend, especially now that Christmas is approaching. It’s better you remain with your broke boyfriend than to allow another broke guy use you to make money.

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I can’t date you if you can’t give me 2k urgently, this is how they end up ooo.

If you can’t give me 50k for Christmas forget about our relationship, this is where they end up ooo.

For those that ask those questions “did you have a bike or did you have a car” na like this them take dey end ooo.

This girl in the pictures below, was used and dumped by a yahoo boy between Iyakpi and Ibienafe junction in south ibie, Edo, Nigeria and currently now she has lost her memory which is, she can’t even remember anything about herself again.

Ladies be careful and guided on how you move this Christmas. I pray non of you will be a victim of circumstances.

In this life, it’s not everything that shines that’s gold. Let us be careful about anything we do.

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Watch her video below. Thank you all.
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