I Want To Kill My Mum And Marry My Dad

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I Want To Kill My Mum And Marry My Dad

My name is Queen. I live with my father and mother in a city and I am the only child and daughter of my parents. Despite having me as the only child, my father and mother, or should I say my family, is deemed to be one of the happiest family ever.

Honestly, as I earlier revealed, my family was indeed a happy one, but not until things began to turn the other way round when I started having a strange feeling for my Dad.

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From when I was a child, my dad has been so caring to me, in the sense that, he shows me so much care, love and protection, which I think no man can ever give to me now. My dad had never wanted anything to hurt me or make me sad. He had always made my wishes come through.

However, as time goes on, as I become of age, I begin to realize that my Dad has some feelings for me, then I began to develop some feelings for my Dad.

Honestly, I began to see the relationship between my father and me as more than the relationship between a father and daughter, because if not so, why will he always like being by my side, allowing me to sit on his laps to watch movies, nod his ties before he goes off to work, giving me kisses on my cheeks before going to work and even other things he does to me that shows me that he loves me? To be sincere, my father loves me, but maybe he doesn’t know how to propose that to me, however, I have been waiting for his proposal.

He even once told me that the reason why he gave me the name Queen was because he sees me as his Queen, which I now understand what he meant by that then, meaning that he has been longing to make me his wife because, a Queen can only be a wife to a king, so, in this context, my father is the king, while I am the Queen.

Now that I am 18, things have seemed to turn around, as my mother has been the barrier between the love that I have for my Dad. Could you imagine that there was a time she had a quarrel with my Dad that she refused to cook for my Dad, simply because, I and Dad came home late in one certain night, nevertheless, I took that as an opportunity to show my Dad that I am a good wife material?

One certain morning, as I was passing through our corridor, I coincidentally saw my fathers clothe on the bed, as their door was open, then I was carried away by the love and placed my father’s clothing on my chest, as I was imagining a romantic moment with my Dad, then my mother came inside suddenly and caught me while I was manoeuvring with the cloth on my chest, with my eyes being closed. Immediately my mum sighted me in that mood, she shouted out my name with a shocking look, then I ran out of the room.

Later, I overheard my mom discussing with my father in the sitting room, trying to convince him to send me overseas to study, however, I don’t want it, as it makes me be far from my Dad and that is exactly my mum’s aim.

My mum, tried convincing my Dad, as she revealed what I did secretly with his clothes and how she found a love book in my room. Immediately, after I overheard all their conversations, I quickly ran to my room and shut the door.

Now, I don’t know what to do to have my Dad as my own. I am thinking if I should kill my mum, so that I can marry my Dad, because I believe my father loves me and would want to have me as his wife, but my mother is the problem, so I want to kill my mum and marry my dad.

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