The Insanely Cool Japanese Last Names

Japanese last names
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Japanese Last Names and Meanings

Japanese Last Names

Unique Japanese Last Names

  • Abe (阿部) – A means peace while be means multiple times
  • Beppu (別府) – Means Tree mountain
  • Nakaya (マネージド) – Means arrow in the center, between the valley or in the center of the valley
  • Aoki (青木) – Means Blue Tree
  • Sakai (境) – Means Border or territory
  • Wakabayashi (若林) – Means Young forest.

Also Read:

  • Takao (高雄) – Means Bulky man or warrior.
  • Shima (志麻) – Means Island
  • Nishikawa (西川) – Means Western river.
  • Masaki (真崎) – Means Correct or tree.
  •  Kato/Katō (加藤) – Means Increase and Wisteria. Wisteria flowers are blue and purple and bloom in the spring and early summer. Commonly found in China, Korea and Japan
  • Hamasaki (浜崎) – Means Beach peninsula.

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Cool Japanese Last Names

  • Fujii (藤井) – Means Well of wisteria.
  • Chiba (千葉) – Means Thousand leaves.
  • Aikawa (相河) – Ai means together or mutual, while kawa means river.
  • Ebina (蝦名) – Means Shrimp and distinguished.
  • Goda/Gōda (郷田) – Means Rice paddy or village rice paddy.
  • Hagimoto (萩本) – Means Bush clover.


  • Sawai (沢井) – Means Swamp well.
  • Suzuki (鈴木) – Means Decayed/rotted tree.
  • Doi (土肥) – Means Earth town, earth residence, or earth fertilizer.
  • Fueki (笛木) – Means Wooden flute/pipe.
  • Tachi (舘) – Means Palace or rise.
  • Baishō (倍賞) – Means Double prize.

Popular Japanese LastNames

  • Honda (誉田) – Means Root rice field, origin rice field, or honor rice field.
  • Ishioka (石岡) – Means Stone mount/stone hill.
  • Kikumoto (菊本) – Means Chrysanthemum book.
  • Okazaki (岡崎) – Means Split rock.
  • Ito (伊藤) – Means This or That One.
  • Saito (斉藤) – Means Purity and worship.
  • Yamamoto (山本) – Meaning: Base of the mountain.
  • Yoshino (吉野) – Meaning: Lucky field.
  • Yoshikawa (吉川) – Meaning: Lucky river.
  • Yogi (ヨギ) – Meaning: Person who practices yoga.
  • Yamaguchi (山口) – Meaning: The mouth of the mountain.
  • Tanaka (田中) – Meaning: Center of the rice paddy.

Common Japanese Last-Names

  • Abiko (アビコ) – Meaning: My grandson.
  • Agawa (阿川) – Meaning: The corner of a river or a stream.
  • Bando (発表) – Meaning: East of the slope.
  • Sato (佐藤) – Meaning: Sugar.
  • Takahashi (高橋) – Meaning: High bridge.
  • Watanabe (渡辺) – Meaning: Patryonic name derived from the Watanabe clan.
  • Kobayashi (小林) – Meaning: Small forest.
  • Ando (安藤) – Meaning: Peaceful wisteria, peaceful east or pacify the east.
  • Ageda (上田) – Meaning: Upper rice field.
  • Baba (ばば) – Meaning: Horse-riding ground or race track.
  • Bushida (ぶしだ) – Meaning: A Samurai, warrior, or warrior way.
  • Chikafuji (ちかふじ) – Meaning: Near the wisteria.


  • Chinen (知念) – Meaning: Feelings or a thousand years.
  • Daigo (醍醐) – Meaning: Great realization or enlightenment.
  • Eguchi (江口) – Meaning: The mouth of the river.
  • Endō/Endoh/Endou (遠藤) – Meaning: A distant wisteria.
  • Fukuda (福田) – Meaning: Lucky rice field, blessed rice paddy, or hope.
  • Fukushima (福島) – Meaning: Fortune or blessed island.
  • Furukawa (古川) – Meaning: Old river.
  • Gato (ガト) – Meaning: Behind wisteria.
  • Nakamura (中村) – Meaning: Middle village.
  • Yoshida (吉田) – Meaning: Lucky ricefield.
  • Yamada (山田) – Meaning: Mountain field or mountain rice paddy.
  • Sasaki (佐々木) – Meaning: Assistant, help.


  • Matsumoto (松本) – Meaning: Base of the pine tree.
  • Inoue (井上) – Meaning: Above a well.
  • Kimura (木村) – Meaning: Tree village.
  • Arai (新井) – Meaning: New residence.
  • Sugimoto (杉本) – Meaning: One who lives beneath the cedars.
  • Fukumoto (福本) – Meaning: Blessed origin.


  • Furuta (フルタ) – Meaning: Old rice paddy.
  • Ahane (あはね) – Meaning: ‘Ah’ means ‘second’, ‘ha’ implies ‘waves’, and ‘ne’ translates into ‘roots’.
  • Chisaka (狩り) – Meaning: One thousand hills
  • Ejiri – Meaning: The letter ‘E’ means ‘the river’ and ‘jiri’ means ‘behind
  • Fujiki (藤木) – Meaning: A tree where wisteria flower is grown
  • Furuya (古屋) – Meaning: Ancient valley

Asian Last Names

  • Cheng – To become
  • Chong – Sublime
  • Qiu – Autumn
  • Peng – Mythical bird
  • Shen – Spirit, deep thought
  • Shi – Stone
  • Wei – Power or pomp
  • Xiong – Bear
  • Yao – Born on a Thursday
  • Zhu – Upright
  • Wang  – means prince
  • Zhang

Japanese Last Names Meaning Moon

  • Aruna: Other meanings aside from moon are love, nitrus, brilliant, dawn, crystalline reddish-brown
  • Azuki: Other Meanings, large hill, blue encounter and can be given to a male or female.
  • Hatsuki: It is a unisex name and has other meanings like leaf and wave
  • Hazuki: Unisex name and also means spiral and spring
  • Hisakata: Means Moon, Sky
  • Hizuki: Aside from moon, it also means beautiful, sun, holly and light

Japanese Last-names Meaning Angel

  • Anjerina
  • Enzeru
  • Teshiko
  • Tenshi

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