SHOCKING!!! How Lady Goes On A Date Entirely Naked, And Her Man Didn’t Notice

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Can YOU spot the naked woman? A lady met a guy on a dating site and they agreed to meet on a date. She rather decided to do the unthinkable she planned to appear for the date, naked and it was quite surprising that her man did not notice that throughout their time together.

The model, Joy Jewell, showed up for the Tinder date at the mall wearing nothing but body paint to see how her potential beau would react to her suspiciously tight ‘outfit’ that hugged all of her curves.


Jewell teamed up with body painter, Jen Seidel. When they first met, Joy was wearing a big coat, which he helped her remove once they had the ordered their coffees and sat down.

He then told her he liked her outfit. After finishing their coffees the pair went for a walk around the mall but the game was almost up when a group of girls spotted the paint and the cameraman and asked for selfies.

It was only when they were on their way to the car park at the end of the date and walked into the rain that Joy was forced to admit she’s wearing nothing but paint to avoid an awkward reveal.  The man was so surprised and he couldn’t believe his eyes.


A very similar experiment took place last year in North France. A model walked around the city of Lille with painted-on blue jeans, only this model was wearing a g-string.

The French model allowed her pal, make-up artist Marie ‘Marie P’ Przybylski to paint on a pair of tight denim and then she went outside for a stroll.

Paired with a bra and shirt tied at the waist, the model, also named Marie, walked the streets as usual. And it was quite surprising as well that no one took notice of her being naked.

Watch how they planed it behind the guys back.

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