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become the new testimony

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Longrich changed my life.

The first time I learnt about this business was two years back (i.e. 2017) and I never gave the person the opportunity to present to me because I had lost some deals in the past. I was disappointed, worn out and almost gave up in my hunt for success. One day I happened to stumble on a book titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Roberts T. Kiyosaki and you won’t believe what happened. Roberts book changed my mindset and helped me look at life differently.

Also, Robert’s book taught me how to escape the rat race and get into the fast lane. With his help, I gave longrich a shot and boom! Longrich opportunity has made me a better person today.

Further, the Longrich business platform offers anyone the opportunity to start and run his/her own business be it offline or online. Now, I own and run an online store, work from home, earn more than I do with my full-time job which I never thought it could be possible.

One thing many haven’t yet realise is the fact that as a Longrich distributor, you are opportune to keep and live a healthy lifestyle by consuming their organic products.

At the end of the day, we all have a decision to make is either you remain where you are, or change your present situation.

We have an opportunity, so leverage

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My father died when I was six years, so I was living with my mother in one room in a very dirty jungle because we can’t afford house in the city
My mother makes cup cake for me to hawk so that we can eat and take care of our basic needs was doing this hawking till my 22 years, I was tired and ashamed of hawking but I have no other alternative for me

One day as I was going home after hawking for the day, I saw a longrich seminar poster on the street but ,the people going in and out of the seminar were mostly the rich and middle class people ,so I was troubled in my heart ,ONE MIND TOLD ME THAT THE SEMINAR IS FOR THE RICH AND NOT A POOR HAWKER LIKE ME BUT ANOTHER MIND TOLD ME THAT THIS POSTER IS CALLING EVERYBODY TO COME TO THE SEMINAR as you know poverty and Rich is in your heart it depends on the one you accept . I went home changed my cloth and came back to the venue of the longrich seminar

After listening to the testimonies and opportunities in joining and becoming a longrich distributors, I decided to join but I don’t have money to join
When I got home, I couldn’t sleep through the night so I took all the money we are saving from the hawking business, about 60.000 cedis without telling my mother.
I went to longrich office and bought few products and joined the company, my code was given to me, I started hawking longrich tooth paste, soap, cream etc. One thing with long Rich product is that people will always want to buy it second time because it has result and testimony.

As am hawking longrich products on the street and inside buses, People were buying and joining the business and I started going up….
One day one man came and wanted to join the business, I took him to longrich office and he saw the opportunities in this business and joined, and brought many of his friend, family, contacts to join the business.

As a poor hawker, I never think that I will go to the airport talkless’ of entering an aeroplane 
I just joined this business last year 2016

This year 2017, I have travelled to Dubai and stayed in 5star hotel ALL EXPENSES PAID BY LONGRICH
I travelled to China and stayed in 5 star hotel, ALL EXPENSES PAID BY LONG RICH

I can’t still believe that a poor hawker like me will be enjoying life all because I decided to take a risk and change my destiny
I have also qualified for a brand new car, am getting a big amount of money in my account every week
Longrich have changed my life and you can do it, just keep an open mind BELIEVE AND TRUST GOD

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Chiangong Hakeem-leroy is my name and 3 years old. Am living a better life and my future is all green all thanks to God almighty for blessing my family with this great plate form big business called Longrich. My in my family we all are partners in this business God bless my Mummy Sandrine who brought this light that is showing so bright in the life of everyone in my family. Am just a kid but am proud to say I love longrich seeing what it is doing for me am in love with longrich. So many people know by seeing my pictures where I either change Diamonds, or qualify for trips, or qualify for a brand new car. But I can say added to the qualifications I know longrich products at least the basic functions of maturity of them How can this be possible through the help of my Mum cause everywhere she went before I started school he took me along and that’s how I picked up the love for longrich and the knowledge about its products. Am a rich kid cause my God is alive and has done it for me and my family. My family and I, we have got our assurance, if we can do it, then yes you too can.

To all the mummy’s out there yes you can, let that child who is just like me not stop you from archiving bigger and better things in life to all the mummy’s go out there now take this opportunity and this plate form and secure a better life and better future for your self children and family.

To all the daddy’s out there be a support system, but a partner and a team player with mummy cause the growth will be faster and easier. Remember


A big bizu to my mum and dad for their love.

A big bizu to mummy Sandrine aka the storm, aka mummy daduuu  for always being g

Present and being push full.

A big bizu to grandma for supporting me with endless prayers

A big bizu uncle Claude for being the number 1 uncle ever.

 To the rest of my family, we are a strong big team


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Longrich changed my life and that of my Family

The 1st time I heard of this business that was when I was still employed as ASSISTANT PUBLICITIST in a marketing firm and I was pregnant. A job where I start by 8 am meaning by 7 30am I had to be at the office, and the interesting part was my closing time. On my contact, my work ends at 6 pm, but in reality, I had no closing time I closed depending on the workload of the day which could be till like 9 pm.


When my elder sister LUM SANDRINE NCHOTU AKA THE STROM told me about this business and the testimonies and invited me for presentations It was really encouraging really motivated every opportunity everyone will want to make use of, but I still had my worries, fear, I was afraid if I invest I will not be able to make it, I was worried how I will talk to people, if they will believe me and join, so all these things in my head made me hold back.

When I gave birth, I wanted to give my son the best of everything starting from being there for him fully and providing. Then I realized with my job I will not be able to archive that. Then more fear set in I hard to look for other options. So, during my birth leave I had to make a choice and by the end of the 3month I went back to work and resigned. But still then I had not made up my mind about longrich but I always did attend their presentations. I needed to make money yes, I had time for my family but staying at home, then my mum asked me to help manage the family business (nursery and primary school). At once I started but realized it gave me time and cash but I wasn’t sill happy so I decided to put at the side all the fears and worries I had about longrich, then my personal worries I turned them into my motivation. My husband said one phrase IF YOU ARE SURE AND READY, I SUPPORT YOU. That was how I started.

I knew nothing I knew I needed more training, more practical’s, a Team to support me grow so I started my learning process and while at it I put it into practice and I started having a team of my own then I got my 1st free trip to Dubai I could not believe it. Then months later China trip, then as I got busier with longrich I had to drop the job of managing the school because I was always too mobile. A year later my family and I qualified for our 1st car then my husband along the way saw reasons to be part of this business more than the support he had been giving me.

During all these months attending all presentations, going about to prospect I did all that with my son as small as he was I had no one to help watch over him at home, WAS IT DIFFICULT? YES, VERY DIFFICULT. Sometimes it was just like it’s not possible I felt like I will not make it I felt like .me a young mum my own has ended. But I kept praying for Gods strength and pushing I saw my son as my biggest motivation he was the 1st team player he was with me everywhere my biggest motivation.

And so far for all these years, I have to be a partner with longrich its say 3years now it’s not been easy but has been worth it. I, my son and husband have qualified for several free trips, we have had 3 cars as of now still counting about the weekly bonuses can’t even keep taps on it, cause every single week the amount I receive increase its crazy how much I make per week it feels good like am so so grateful to God cause he has been the one seeing me through so far.

At 3years old, my son knows more about longrich than I could ever have imagined. He is just wonderful, LONGRICH YOU ROCK. Chaii!! my life has never been the same again since I became a partner, I have gain more than I invested in every aspect you can think of.


And the biggest things in life that got me worried more about I manage them now better things like




All these things I never could before archive all no matter how hard I try but now am able to get these things and all I can say is God has been faithful cause regardless of how good Longrich opportunity is God has been my strength and he is still.


I want to say a big thanks to God for answering prayers and blessing me,

My elder sister for Sharing this business platform with me

My husband for his support

My son for inspiring me

My team members for doing this with me


LONGRICH !!! Better Life, Better Future.

             TEAM WOMAN POWER