The Secret to the Rich Jerks Success

The Secret to the Rich Jerks Success
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We’ve all seen this Rich Jerk guy floating around the net claiming he’s worth millions. Whether or not it’s true, no one knows for sure.

But one thing we do know is that the Rich Jerk is popular. He’s well known and he’s selling tons of copies of his ebook that has now become infamous within the internet marketing community.

So how exactly did he achieve such phenomenal success? How does he expand his reach across a wider audience to pull in thousands of potential customers every single day?

Is it a revolutionary tactic that only a handful of marketing geniuses on the planet are capable of performing? Of course not. The Rich Jerk is successful primarily due to one thing: branding.

While you may be inclined to think branding is nothing more than a fancy logo or a spiffy business description, branding is actually a whole lot more.

The Rich Jerk has managed to create a tremendous buzz around his product because he’s branded himself effectively. He’s been able to surpass his competitors, create a unique model for his product, and lay a solid foundation from which he can expand his business.

To brand your business like the Rich Jerk you need to define who you are, what you do, how you do it, and your unique selling proposition or USP. This is what makes you different from your competitors and why customers should buy from you rather than someone else.

While this may seem daunting at first, it’s not really that difficult once you give it some focus.

For example, Holiday Inn and the Ritz Carlton are both hotels but they cater to two different types of people. One is for the average person or family looking to stay overnight on a budget, while the other is geared more towards business executives and celebrities.

While you may not have the resources these companies have, you can still create a memorable reputation for yourself by branding your business effectively.

The most important thing to strive for here is to stand out and be unique. People are attracted to almost anything if they know it’s rare.

While the concept of selling a product that teaches people how to make money online is not uncommon, the style of marketing that Rich Jerk has chosen is very distinctive.

What other marketer do you know encourages people to buy his competitor’s product first because he’s confident you’ll fail with those and come crawling back to his?

It’s all about being creative and original. Look at what others have done and then do something completely different. In this case, the Rich Jerk pretty much does the opposite of what most other marketers do.

Take his slogan or mission statement, for example, it reads I’m better than you because I am rich.

Again, you never see other marketers write things like that. This is why people are more drawn to the Rich Jerk over other products. He’s branded himself effectively and people have remembered it.

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