TOTAL PSYCHO! Guy Butchers His Girlfriend And Hides Her Head And Body Parts In His Suitcase

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A woman whose mutilated body was stuffed into three bags before her alleged killer hauled the luggage on an interstate Greyhound bus trip, was a “sweetheart”, her devastated former boss told The Sun.


Ladawndra Ellington, 31, of Louisville, Kentucky, was confirmed as the victim of the brutal crime by the The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office.

Police say Melvin Martin Jnr, 30, killed and dismembered Ms Ellington before taking duffel bags containing her head, lower torso and organs, on a five-hour journey from the couple’s home in Louisville to Markham in Illinois.

Her upper torso was later found in a park in Louisville.

Martin’s mother reportedly made the grisly discovery after she and other family members noticed a “foul smell” coming from three heavy bags and opened one of them on Tuesday.

She called police immediately.


In a recording of the 911 call, obtained by CBS Chicago, Martin’s mother can be heard saying: “I picked him up ’cause he was coming home. He was having a hard time, but he took this suitcase in my garage.

“I just took him to library and I said, let me see what’s in this suitcase,” she continued.

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