Come And Chop My Sweet Toto – S*x Starved Woman Pleads With Men

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There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to things people do on social media.

For the day’s drama, a woman has taken to social media to inform men her V*gina is up for free.

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According to the disturbed woman, due to the coronavirus and subsequent prolonged quarantine she has been s*x starved.

In the viral video, the lady is seen lamenting her misfortune. “I no see pr*ck since” she lamented 

She went on to request that any man that sees the video should find her for free s*x and gave out her number.

she also poured a libation to the gods of her land to help fulfill her wish.

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“ come I dey vex, Na e make I involve the gods of our land, Na their own be this, Quarantine, Quarantine Quarantine We don dey Quarantine for how many days now. Toto Sef dey Quarantine. I want f*ck, I want f*ck I nor see Pr*ck f*ck  or even prick sef dey for Quarantine”

“ Anybody wey dey watch me so, come f*ck, Married men leave Una wives make una come f*ck na sweet toto, it dey sweet like  Honey. Any Guy wey dey watch this video is Invited so far as you get prick come and f*ck I nor dey collect money. Na bonanza I dey give.

The gods of our land as it don red so I dey involve una “she stressed in Nigerian Pidgin

 This may be just for fun but it is very shameful for a woman to do such a thing.

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Thanks to social media people are no longer shy of such things but this must be frowned upon greatly.

What happened to virtuous women in African?

It is because of women like this that some men do not respect gender.

 Wherever this lady is she must bow down her head in Shame for disgracing fellow women.

 Watch the video of the hilarious moment below


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