Does Your S3xual Past Bother Your Boyfriend? Then Do This!

What To Do If your Sexual Past Bothers Him1
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The last thing your boyfriend wants to think about is having to know that another man has been with you (whether we are talking about s3x or just hooking up). Imagining some other guy making love with you literally drive him crazy.

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Do you have a s3xual history of squareness full of experience? If so, it may be difficult for your boyfriend to deal with this problem. But this is what he must accept.

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You dare not let others throw your past on your face or put it on you. If it is ancient history (or only a few months ago), just leave it there and move on.

He must accept everything from you. If he chooses to be with you… he needs to accept everything from you. It means everything. Of course, this does not mean that he must like your s3xual experience, but it means that he cannot oppose you. He wants to date you and then starts to fabricate details of your past, which is totally unfair.

If he keeps mentioning your past, tell him bluntly that if he wants to date you, he will have to accept everything about you. Let him know that he has two options:


a) You two broke up

b) The two of you have been together…but he can’t talk about your s3x anymore. no way. Not even when the two of you are fighting.

Learn from your mistakes and move on. A moment of happiness from s3x and hookup can have a permanent impact on your reputation and self-esteem. If you choose to change your “free love” approach, you are doing the right thing. This is the most important thing.

On the other hand, if you have only had a few hookups and your man keeps raising serious quotations about it, you may need to reconsider whether you really need to date someone like him.

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