How To Recover Your Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

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Deleting messages sometimes can be intentional or accidental. Most people get confused with what to do after deleting important Whatsapp messages. However sometimes for those who are parents, this is commonly done by the children.

From now onwards, you will not get worried if you intentionally delete the WhatsApp messages. The following are steps to guide you.

To read the deleted WhatsApp messages, first, ensure that your phone has a Notisave application 

. If your phone doesn’t have it, just download from Google play store. After downloading, it will show you some notifications on the screen. Tap allow pattern.

When you tap and allow changes on the application including saving incoming messages, then click on the next and then ok. So that will enable autosaving.

Enable your application to gain access to messages and contacts information. After doing this click back and then a pop-up message will appear on your screen saying loading app list. Try it now.

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