The Ingredient Used To Rebuke Evil Spirits At Night

spiritual benefits of onion
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Have you ever felt like someone is calling your name then you come out to check and you don’t find anyone? Or maybe felt like someone is right beside you but you can’t see anything?

If you have been experiencing something like that, then this is what you have to do. Note that these things don’t just happen coincidentally. It simply means your name is being mentioned in the spiritual world by someone close to you.

In order to overcome these things from occurring this is what you must do.

Today, we will be using Red Onion. You can use the white one as well.

Spiritual Benefits Of Onion

  • Drives away evil spirits
  • Removes spiritual attacks
  • Prevents spiritual attacks

Method Of Use

Please make sure you read through these tips before doing it so you don’t miss out on any step.

Remove the onion peels. As you are removing the peelings, you have to be praying over them as thus.

  • I set myself free from every dark force, any monitoring spirits, any spirit mentioning my name, any evil attack, and that who so ever mentioning my name in any evil altar, I set myself free.

As you are praying be removing the onion peels.

When you get to a point where you can no longer peel the onion with your hands, please do not use a knife to remove it.

Simply get a knife and as you are praying, cut the onion into four halves then place the onion in your right palm as shown below. Also, make sure to watch the video at the end of this article so you don’t miss out on anything.

spiritual benefits of onion

This is how you will pray this time:

  • This Onion that I have cut in 4 halves represents the four corners of the world in every direction North, South, East and West.
  • And that whosoever moves to any part of the world to plan evil for me, I undo it.
  • Whosoever going from one place to the other to invoke my name, my spirit, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, I refuse to be summoned and I set myself free, I lose myself from this bondage and this monitoring spirits.
  • And that any attack threw at me, I return it back to the sender and may their alters be destroyed by fire.

And after doing so, take the 4 halves of the onion and place them at the four corners of your room or at the four corners of your house.

And after you’ve done all this, you can go to bed. You can also place it in the four corners of your sitting room or house.

Note that this is done at night before you go to bed. So whenever you hear your name, strange voices or you feel the presence of someone around you or a monitoring spirit, you have to pray and rebuke it. Don’t take that for granted. Make sure you cancel your name from any evil alter.

And to sum up, ask God Almighty to replace your image with His. So that any time they invoke your image or your name, God’s image will just display and all their plans will fail.

You can do this every day, every week but note that you have to change the onion. That is removing the previously used one with a new one and following the above procedure.

Once you do this, by the grace of God, you’ll be liberated from any form of spiritual attack. Stay blessed and safe.

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