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Are you reading and not understanding or where you were once intelligent and all of a sudden you just start performing poorly in your exams? This article will help you greatly. After reading, make sure you watch the video at the end so you don’t miss out on anything on the method.

So today, I will be sharing with you some spiritual guides and tips that you can use to boost your brain. This will help you to remember things especially when you don’t have a quick retentive memory.

This article is researched and written to help students and for people who wish to further their education.

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Before we get started, you have to know that forgetting things or not being intelligent can be hereditary or spiritual. And today our main focus is the aspect of spirituality.

Get nutmeg (firstly, let’s talk about its benefits)

spiritual benefits of nutmeg
  • Helps to detoxify the system
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce inflammation in your body
  • Contains powerful antioxidants which protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.
  • May boost libido
  • Improves brain health that has a quick retentive memory.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Has the ability to remove ill luck
  • It Helps destroy any evil spell cast on you.

How to use

  • Add a pinch of powder nutmeg into your bathing water (cold or warm)
  • Stir very well for it to mix well in the water.
  • Make sure you pray over the water as you are stirring.
  • As soon as you are done mixing, bath with the water whilst praying.

This is going to destroy any evil arrow that has been shut at you. The video below explains every step and how long you are going to do this, what time and more vital information you shouldn’t miss out on.

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