6 Reasons Why Women Think You are A Loser (Top Secret)

how to find out if your guy is a loser
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Hey man,

Today we’ll be looking at the 6 Common Reasons Why Some Women Think you are a loser or Most guys are losers. Don’t be that guy!!.

Without wasting much time,

Let’s roll…

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You Let Women Use You

Do you really know what women think of you when they’re able to extract money from you and use you to pay their bills and buy them drinks?

They think, “Man, what a loser. That was easy. I just pretend I like him, look hot, act nice, and interested, and he’ll give me whatever I want! What a dumbass! Now that I have little money, me and the guy I’m actually attracted to, can go out and spend it.”

Women who use men say, “I need some money. Let me call this guy, meet up with him for a few minutes, act like I’m into him, make up an excuse why I gotta go, and he’ll give me whatever I want because he really likes me a lot.”

If you’re THAT GUY that she’s talking about, she thinks you’re a loser. She just knows you’re a TOOL, she can use you all she wants to, and you won’t stop it from happening.

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6 Reasons Why Women Think You’re A Loser (Top Secret)

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When she sees your desperateness, neediness, and weakness, she’s going to think, “There’s no way I’m doing this” and she’s going to vanish.

Women don’t want the guy who’s sad, depressed, lonely, and lame when he’s single. There’s nothing attractive about it. It’s repulsive and makes her think you’re a loser.

You Worship Women

Never put your own interests and values on the back burner just to get attention and approval from women.

Women don’t like it, don’t want it, and aren’t attracted to men who consistently make women more important than themselves.

They want you to value yourself and your time and not sacrifice it for anyone or anything.

You’re Too Weak to Handle Rejection

When women reject you and you handle it like a child, they’ll automatically think, “Dude, what a loser!”

Everyone gets rejected. Take it in stride. Don’t let it knock you off base, make you sad or angry, and, definitely, don’t get immature about it.

Just deal with it and move on. Don’t make it about yourself. It’s a part of life.

Just because it happens doesn’t make it the end of the world and you should never act like it is.

You’re Extremely Boring

Women think you’re a boring “loser” if you’re:

Always shy, uptight, nervous, and jumpy

  1. Letting women waste your time and mistreat you

2. Too afraid to try new thing

3. Nice no matter what she says or does

4. Always giving her what she wants when she wants it

5. Constantly tell women everything about yourself

6. Letting everything bother you and get under your skin

7. Treating her like a princess and putting her on a pedestal

8. Too afraid to get physical with her.

Women NEED excitement, fun, and humour. They need unpredictability. They need you to relax and go with the flow

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You Have No Goals and Priorities

When most people hear “loser”, they think of someone who is just WASTING their life away doing NOTHING.

If you’ve worked hard and created a lot of success for yourself, you’ve earned your right to do nothing if you choose to. The bills are still paid, you have money, and most of your worries and problems are handled.

But if you aren’t there yet and still doing nothing with your time and life, you can’t blame women for thinking you’re a loser. You’re focusing on what doesn’t matter and you’re not thinking about what women actually does!

Women find a man with a lot of goals, ambitions, plans, and is on his “path” sexy and attractive. He’s more appealing, exciting, and “winning” in life

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That’s it guys the 6 Reasons women think you’re a loser.

Just don’t be that guy!

Till next time, and please let us know in the comment section which one affected you most.

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