70+ Best Sissy Captions of All Time

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Sissy Meaning

According to Dictionary Cambridge, a sissy is a boy who other boys dislike and laugh at because they think he is weak or interested in activities girls usually like or a person who is weak and cowardly.

If your dream is to be a real sissy, then these sissy captions will make your dream come through.

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Sissy Captions

You want a cock in your ass so bad, don’t you?

sissy captions
sissy captions

It keeps riding up your ass and you love it!

You didn’t realise you would feels so pretty as a girl.

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Read sissy if you want to be life her.

Your secret is safe with us as longr as you do everything we say.

Become one of the girls… wear panties

Maybe you can look like a barbie doll just like I do! It’s fun

Of course I don’t think you’re gay. I can see you’re a sissy not a guy.

I’m going to make you so feminine no one will ever see you as a how boy again.

Sissies! Big cocks in their throats

Always wear pink, that’s your color

Do you want to try more than just panties?

Boys make the best gurls

I found my panties and dildo in your room… Now put on this thong and bra so I can f*ck you like the sissy slut you are.

I hope you don’t mind sissy boi… I got bio of all your boxers and both you these.

Your first day at sissy school

Say yes now sissy. Tell me that you’ll such his cock. Then I want you to dress up in a skirt and let him cum in your ass.

Dressed for perfection… Ready for big cock

You love being a girly girl

Do you really want to come get your nails done with me? Can I pick your color?

Just sit there while she takes some cute pics of you in her clothes

Real men have no idea what CUM tastes like… But you do, don’t you sweetie?

Ohh please please make me a girl

sissy captions
sissy captions

Sissies love big cocks in their throats

Your d!ck is useless

You’re going to be a great sissy slut for me

No! I’m not gay I just like dressing this way… but if you insist, I will suck your d!ck.

OMG You will love wearing cute little twirly dresses

Bring me a girly outfit and I will suck your c0ck while wearing it.

The best thing you can ever do is dress up girly and suck c0ck

Do you want me to help you to be a girly girl?

We should totally dress him up like a girl. Then he can be one of us.

You’l never feel so excited as when you ask a girl friend to make you as fem as possible.

Think about a big juicy c0ck

Sissy Captions and Images Video

sissy captions

Sissy Captions To Make You Feel Sissy

I’m not letting you back in your closet. You don’t ge to wear those sily “BOY’ clothers any more sissy… I’m putting you in panties and cute little dress from my closet.

Won’t you let her out to play?

If seeing this makes you wish you could wear this dress, you’re a sissy and you must share this to show everyone what a lovely sissy you are!

I know what you’re thinking abd you’re right. You’d be so pretty in my dress!

Sissy whats your favourite kind of skirt? Petti, flowy, tight, or pleated

sissy captions2
sissy captions

I’m tired of having you as a boyfriend. I think you know it as much as I have, you’d be much better as my pretty and darling sissy girlfriend.

That moment you snuck into your sister’s room and played with her makeup and tried on her outfits. You realized how much of a sissy you love to be!

I love tht you war panties sissy… Now we can go shopping together and pick out cute outfits.

So pretty in pink, the sissy maid prepares the nursery for the arrival of her dom.

I need to be a pretty and sweet sissy in bows

Hey honey, can you han out here wheile I pick out a dress? Make your sissy wait for you fully dressed in public.

I’m ready hun! Oh… I thought we were both going as magical fairies to the halloween part. You haven’t even put on a costume yet! There’s no time to change! What??? There’s no costume party? You thought I’d look sexy as your pretty sissy fairy girlfriend while we go on a halloween date? Plwse don’t make me go with a butt plug too! Okay I’ll go!

You’ve become so much of a sissy that plain heels are not girly enough for you.

I adore my true self.

Your life as a sissy slut begins now.

I’m gonna make sure the cashier knows who I’m really shopping for.

What kind of sissy would you like to be the most? Sissy princess or sissy baby? Let us know in the comments section.

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