Wife catches husband in the process of marrying another woman

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A wife has caught her husband red-handed just when he was in the process of marrying another woman on the altar.

The Rev. Father was doing his ‘job for the day’ by blessing the marriage.

While in the process, a walk with a baby strapped at her back walked into the church auditorium and shouted on top of her voice that the man is her husband.

She noted that they didn’t divorce, separate, or even quarrel and that he even left their matrimonial home to the wedding that morning.

Like what seem like a movie scene, the man who’s visibly ashamed couldn’t utter a word. The new bride who’s happy that she’s finally getting married also look very embarrassed.

The woman remarked that she even has children with the man so she can’t understand why he’s marrying another woman behind her back.

The exact location where this took place cannot be confirmed at the time of filing this report.

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Watch the embarrassing video below:

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