A University Administrator Pictured Licking a Student’s P**sy in Office Claims He was Possessed by Demons

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Licking a Students Pussy in His Office

The Chief Magistrate’s Court at Buganda Road has sentenced a former Makerere University senior staffer to a fine of Shs4m or two years in prison for molesting a former student.

Mr. Edward Kisuze, a former Registrar in the College of Computing and Information Science (CoCIS), was convicted on the count of indecent assault of a one Ms Rachel Njoroge.

Mr. Kisuze, the who sexually assaulted Ms Njoroge, a Makerere fresh graduate told one of Wandegeya police station officers shortly after being arrested two years ago that he was influenced by demons that lured him into this shameful act.

“I was possessed with demons, I just found myself doing what I was doing,” Kisuze openly confessed to the police officer. Kisuze’s arrest came following a viral picture of Ms Njoroge while she was being licked by this Makerere University top administrator.

The Chief Magistrate, Ms Miriam Akello, said there was overwhelming evidence from the prosecution that proved the case of indecent assault against Kisuze.

“All ingredients of indecent assault were proved beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecution witnesses. The accused is hereby sentenced to a fine of Shs 4M or in default serve two years in jail,” Ms Akello said.

The magistrate acquitted Kisuze ofattempted rape.

Ms Njoroge narrated to court that the encounter with the former registrar occurred when she had gone to pick her transcript after graduation. She narrated that Kisuze locked her up in his office and forcibly started romancing her.

The prosecution contended that the unethical incident happened at Makerere University on April 13, 2018 when Ms Njoroge showed up to certify her transcript and pick her recommendation letter. She was referred to the registrar’s room for help.

Later that evening, she was given the transcript but as she was trying to look through, Kisuze rushed and locked the office door before molesting her.

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