Woman Kills, Dumps Husband In Pit Latrine With Help Of Son, Daughter

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Police in Meru are holding a 40-year-old woman on suspicion that she killed and buried her husband in a pit latrine with the help of her daughter and son.

The decomposing body of Julius Kalawa Mikiigu, 54, was retrieved from a latrine by local detectives a month after he went missing in Manthi village, Meru County.

Police arrested Margaret Karimi, together with her son Andrew Mutuma, 19, and daughter Esther Kawira, 15, in connection to the death.

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Tigania West deputy police boss Joel Chepkwony said the man’s family had reported that the victim was missing on August 27.

A resident told said that the victim had a prolonged land dispute with some of his 12 children.

“At one point, he had shown one of the sons a place to build his house but later changed his mind and told him to dig a toilet there instead. The son got bitter and there has been bad blood,” Joshua Thuranira said.

The police boss said the suspects will be arraigned on Wednesday.


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