Dear Men, Can You Marry A Lady Who Like Doing These Things?

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Many, if not all men love to marry a girl who has good character and traits they want. You will never see a good man going for a lady who is not morally upright.

So recently, I came across a picture of a certain lady which prompt me to write this article so as to get people’s opinion. People’s opinion and advice are needed in things like this so that you won’t go astray.

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A lady smoking and drinking at the same time. It can even affect someone’s thinking.

Before I ask my question, let me briefly talk about this. Smoking and drinking are most of the time classified as social ills, the reason you always see on the carton of cigarettes that the Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die young.

It’s said that smoking affects some internal organs which can lead to a series of disease or ailments that can sometimes lead to death. Drinking especially strong alcoholic beverages is no way better also. So I a matter of fact and as a man, I dislike smoking and drinking.

Therefore, my question now is, as a man, can you get married who smoke or/and drink? Let’s assume you won’t get close to girls who smoke, so you fall in love with a normal girl who you later discovered she does smoke and drinks behind the scene, what will you do?

Can you get married to such ladies?

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