I Will [email protected] More Women And Add Men | Pastor In Viral Video Who Shaved Congregants In Church

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The Ghanaian pastor videos [email protected] the pubic hair of his female congregants has broken the ice.

In an exclusive interview on Ghpage TV, the man of God known as Pastor Blinks admitted to indeed [email protected] on video and debunked reports that it was a movie scene.

He mentioned that the ‘purification and deliverance’ service took place at “3tw3bo’  where his church is in the Western Region of Ghana.

Nana Mensah-Mark who is nicknamed Pastor Blinks affirmed his [email protected] of the women in the video as seen of him was a directive from the Holy Spirit – a divine direction from God.

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Pastor Blinks also said that the heavenly direction will aid members to become prosperous.

The Pastor who was seemingly shameless revealed that it is better for a pastor to break the virginity of a woman to take away the curses that may be on the woman.

“Pastors are supposed to break the virginity of 90% of women so as to purify them and open the portals of blessings in their lives…” Blinks said.


Brushing off all backlash he has received on social media, Pastor Blinks said he will hold the same service again this Sunday at one of his church branches.

His church’s three days supernatural cleaning program starting this week Sunday will see many more women shaved and bathed right in church and promised to include men.

Asked if what he’s doing goes contrary to Christianity, Blinks answered: “No it’s never destroying Christianity, God called me to do special direction as seen in the video.. everyone has their way of calling and this is mine.”

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