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What is so special about the longrich toothpaste that everyone is crazy about? Well, from my experience and that of others, it helps with toothache, teeth whitening, mouth ordour and other benefits which you’ll find as you read through out this article.

So, in this article, I’ll talk about the benefits of longrich toothpaste. The different types of longrich toothpaste and other external benefits.

The ingredients in the longrich toothpaste are carefully researched to ensure every aspect of dental care is taken care of. A blend of these ingredients gives the following results. What I will call the benefits of longrich toothpaste.

Longrich Toothpaste Benefits

longrich toothpaste

Deep Cleansing

The presence of trisodium phosphate and TCS (an antibacterial and antifungal agent) helps to keep the mouth and teeth clean. Hence keeps the mouth and teeth free from harmful bacterial.

Fresh Breath

The longrich toothpaste also known as the multi-effect white tea has the presence of mint essence. This helps to disinfect and maintain mouth freshness for over 24 hours.

Toothache Reliever

The presence of green tea extract in the toothpaste helps relieves minor and major aches in the gums and teeth. The aloe vera gel also contains anti-inflammatory agents which work together with CaGP to combat toothache.

Reinforces The Gum

The blend of white tea and aloe vera gel protects the gums. That is, strengthens it from the roots, prevents and treats major gum issues. Some of which are bleeding gums, gingivitis, tartar, periodontitis and more.


Fluoride is suitably replaced by a blend of xylitol, white tea and Ca GP. This combination produces excellent results far better than normal fluoride toothpaste.   

Reduces Dental Hypersensitivity

The key ingredient in the longrich toothpaste is strontium chloride which is responsible for eliminating all forms of tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity caused by environmental conditions such as cold, acidity, sweetness, or shock.   

PH Buffering

Food-grade trisodium phosphate contained in the toothpaste is responsible for maintaining the weak alkaline pH of the oral mucosa. Thereby neutralizing any acidity (the major cause of tooth decays)

Prevents And Treats Dental Decay

The major cause of cavities and tooth decay is acidity. Synthetic sugars in most toothpaste are usually broken down within the oral cavity to acids.

Longrich toothpaste contains two natural sugars such as sorbitol and xylitol. These sugars can’t be broken down to acids but to energy (ATP) for the strengthening of the gum and teeth.

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Below is a summary of key benefits of longrich toothpaste for easy access.

  • Relieves all forms of toothache.
  • Treats bleeding gum, gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Reduces and eliminates sensitivity.
  • Teeth whitening and deep cleansing.
  • Protects enamel from demineralization.
  • Also, reinforces the gums.
  • And lastly, provides fluoride-free decay resistance.
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External Benefits

Longrich Toothpaste Benefits For Pimples

In this paragraph, I’m going share with you other benefits of longrich toothpaste on the face. Also, if you don’t like reading, then scroll to the video below.

The Longrich toothpaste is one of the best tools you need in your first aid box. It is rich in white tea and assumes the roles of white tea in our daily care. Here are some non-conventional things I know about the white tea toothpaste.

Facial scrub:

Oh yes, it is the fastest way to dry up all the pimples in your face. You can google the facial application of white tea.

Itchy skin:

If you’re suffering from any skin irratations then apply the toothpaste on the affected areas and thank me later. As soon as you apply the toothpaste on the affected area and massage, you’ll get instant relief!

Boils and other skin irritations:

Applying the toothpaste on boils dries them up very fast and relieves pains…The effect of this product is enhanced when combined with the therapeutic green strip from the pantyliner.

Types Of Longrich Toothpaste

The Longrich company offers a variety of toothpaste and in this section, I’ll share with you the different types of longrich toothpaste.

White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste

longrich toothpaste

There are two different sizes of the white tea multi effect toothpaste. We have 200g and 100g. Please note that the toothpaste benefits listed above are those of the white tea multi effect toothpaste.

East Miracle Toothpaste

longrich toothpaste east miracle


  • Ultra Protection Probiotic Toothpaste
  • Specially formulated with ADP1 probiotics, helps balance oral flora, reduce plaque.
  • Infused with zinc ions and micro-abrasives to protect gums and enamel.
  • Also good for Teeth brightening and deep cleaning.
  • Help balance oral bacteria group and reduce dental plaque, enduring freshness, alcohol-free, mild and non-stimulus.

Artemisin Toothpaste

longrich toothpaste artemisin

Artemisin Multi-effect Total Protection Toothpaste is a multi-effect total protection toothpaste with the following benefits.

  • It also contains premium herbal extracts which help eliminates oral inflammation.
  • Artemisin Multi-effect Total Toothpaste is for treatment of toothache, weak gums bad breath and tooth decay.
  • Effective cleaning of teeth, preventing loss, and allergies to teeth.
  • This toothpaste also kills germs and protects your gums.
  • Contains White tea and xylitol extract and can strengthen tooth roots and prevent decay.
  • Anti-septic TSC and soft-pressed silicon granules make your mouth clean and give you fresh breath.
  • Combination of Strontium Chloride and aloe extract protects teeth and gums from heat, cold, acid, sweetness, prevents tartar and stops bleeding.
  • Also good for treating tooth pain, bad breathe, weak gums, and tooth decay.
  • Contains strontium chloride, hexahydrate and xylitol to reduce pain in sensitive teeth and build strong teeth.
  • Contains triclosan and sodium benzoate which are an antifungal and antibacterial agent. Also, it has antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties of green tea.

Longrich Toothpaste Prices

If you are looking forward to purchase any of the toothpaste, then the longrich toothpaste price list below will guide you. But note that you can get them for whole sale prices ones you become a longrich distributor.

If you are interested in investing in the longrich business, then scroll right to the bottom and reach us through our contact form or reach us through the whatsApp button below.

  • Longrich White Tea Toothpaste (200g): 4500fcfa
  • Longrich White Tea Toothpaste (100g): 2200fcfa
  • East Miracle Toothpaste
  • Artemisin Multi Effect Toothpaste


That was it for this article and we do hope this information provided about the different types of longrich toothpaste and benefits was of great help.

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