Top 13 Best Longrich Alkaline Cup Benefits That Can Help You Feel Younger and Healthier

Longrich alkaline cup benefits
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Longrich Alkaline Cup Benefits: This cup is a new range of alkaline water filters that promise to be the most effective on the market. The filters are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last for a long time. The Longrich Alkaline Cup range comes in different sizes and can be used to filter water from any source, including wells and rivers.

The Longrich Alkaline Cup range is effective at removing harmful toxins and chemicals from water, making it a great choice for people who want to drink clean water without having to spend a lot of money. The filters are also easy to use and can be installed in seconds, making them ideal for anyone

Longrich Alkaline Cup Benefits

How much is longrich alkaline cup

Longrich Alkaline Cup
Longrich Alkaline Cup Benefits

Longrich Alkaline Cup Benefits: The Cup That Can Help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy! Learn how to activate your longrich Alkaline cup

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The longrich alkaline cup also known as the pi cup is designed to convert acidic water into alkaline water. So consuming water from the longrich pi cup helps to reduce the high acidic content in the body. Hence balancing the pH body level of the body. (benefits of longrich alkaline cup)

The Longrich classy style cup is good for everyone especially people with stroke, diabetes, smokers and heavy drinkers. Below are some benefits of a Longrich alkaline cup.

Longrich Alkaline Cup Benefits

  1. Helps to lose weight and healthy skin.
  2. Fights infections.
  3. Gets rid of body toxins.
  4. Prevents constipation
  5. Reduces the risk of cancer.
  6. Improves productivity.
  7. Enhances immunity and prevents diseases.
  8. Converts any acid water to neutral or alkaline water prior to consumption.
  9. Neutralizes the acidity of blood when consumed.
  10. Emulsifies fats and oil hence aiding weight loss.
  11. Reduces blood cholesterol.
  12. Neutralizes the effects of alcohol, smoke, and coffee (caffeine) on organs and cells.
  13. Improves the circulation of oxygen and purifies the blood.

How To Use Longrich Alkaline Cup

Below are some instructions that will help you with how to use the longrich alkaline cup.

  1. Shake water in the cup before you drink. This is because it’s designed to achieve better effectiveness by increasing the specific contact area between the energy substance and water.
  2. Using the cup for the very first time, rinse and shake the cup repeatedly with hot water up to 60⸰C. This is done to activate the filter, and repeat the above action several times until the water poured out becomes clear.
  3. Before drinking, pour in boiled water (below 50◦C) for 1-3 minutes. Ensure the water level is above the filter element.
  4. It is ok if water from the cup becomes a little cloudy after a period of use. After you must have used the longrich alkaline cup for 4-6 months, do this… it is advisable to soak the longrich pi cup with white vinegar for thirty minutes, clean it with water and dry it under the sun to reactivate the energy molecules. The reactivation steps are below.

How To Activate Longrich Alkaline Cup

If you don’t know how to activate the longrich alkaline cup, then the following steps below will help you.

  1. Firstly, pour hot water not boiled into the cup filled to the mark where the cover touches the water and leave for 30mins.
  2. Secondly, Shake (After 30mins) the water in the pi cup rigorously for 3mins and pour it out.
  3. Repeat step 2 up to 3 or 4 times until the water becomes clear and not cloudy.
  4. After these repeated steps, pour warm water into the pi cup and leave for 5mins. (Longrich alkaline cup benefits)
  5. And lastly, pour out a little water from the cup and test with your water tester

How To Reactivate The Longrich Alkaline Cup

  1. Put 20% vinegar into the pi cup and add 80% room temperature water to the cup. 2
  2. Cover the cup with the cover but *DONT CLOSE IT TIGHT SO IT WILL NOT LOCK* leave it for 30mins
  3. After 30mins, pour out the vinegar water, rinse the cup with warm water twice and put it under the sun with the cover upside down for 1 hour. After then the cup is ready for use again. (how to use longrich alkaline cup)

NOTE: The water tester is used to show the acidity or alkalinity value of the pH of the water. After activating the longrich alkaline cup, the water meter is used to show the value of pH. This shows the benefits of the longrich alkaline cup.


  1. Ensure you don’t swallow the energy-filtering material in the longrich alkaline cup.
  2. Do not pour any spongy or mushy material, carbonated beverage, milk or coffee into the cup. This is to keep and maintain the surface activity of the energy molecules and extend or prolong the service life of the Pi Cup,
  3. Heating the Pi Cup be it in a microwave, oven or over fire is prohibited, nor to bring the cup directly close to any fire source.
  4. Keep the cup (full hot water contained) away from the reach of children in order to avoid any heat injury.
  5. For first-time users, the drinking amount shall be increased from 1 cup per day gradually to the normal daily amount.
  6. Pregnant women, infants or those who are having gastric or allergies shall be advised by a doctor or professional before using or drinking this water.
  7. Do not drink this water within half an hour before and after taking medicine.


That is it guys about the longrich alkaline cup benefits and how to use and activate the longrich alkaline cup. Also, let us know in the comments section if this article was helpful and if there is something you would like us to add.

As always thanks for your support and don’t forget to share on your favourite media platforms. (pi cup benefits)

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