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First date tips. You are dating a delightful however a timid young lady or one that doesn’t talk much. You have just discussed your leisure activities, your families and your positions. Then you run out of ideas on what to say next to keep your date going and she isn’t actually helping you (that is what you speculate).

Perhaps the most ideal method of having a decent, solid and healthy conversion with your sweetheart on a first date is , to begin with, a casual discussion. The casual talk will give you an overall picture of her preferences. Such as what she would like to discuss or won’t like to talk about. When the casual chitchat gives you an overall thought, you can feel free to talk about your regular preferences.

But what is actually horrifying is that moment when suddenly no one is talking to each other. Uhh… really weird moment. These first date tips below will help pave a way to prevent or get over these appalling minutes.

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Good First Date Tips


If you are looking for the best first dating tips then these 3 tips will help you build the perfect conversation on that very special day.


The truth of the matter is that most individuals are shy about meeting new people. I used to be extremely nervous when it concerns meeting the opposite sex. But when you think about it, timidness or shyness is just fear that you won’t be liked by others. And some times the fear of being rejected creeps in.

It’s normal for everyone to feel loved and accepted. So attempt to make her realize that you like her by appreciating and complimenting her. Make sure to use something that you really find attractive about her. Such as her lifestyle or her personality.

She will turn out to be more certain and more open to sharing her believes and her timidity won’t be an issue for a smooth conversation.


The manner in which you ask questions is vital when it comes to having a smooth and open conversation. Effective questions open the door to knowledge and understanding. The art of questioning lies in knowing which questions to ask when.

My favourites questions are “why” and “how” questions. These kinds of questions open the doors for a smooth talk and you can use these frequently without being annoying. This makes her feel you are interested in what she is telling you and helps her develop her answers.

Therefore, you should think carefully before speaking rather than taking up subjects that might be awful to her.


Usually, when the woman starts talking about her favourite subjects (feelings, family, relationships, friends and her work) many men lose interest or bring the conversation back to themselves. This is an error that we men make and we should try everything possible to avoid this error.

Men also like to exchange jokes and short stories (anecdotes) and spend a fair amount of time playing one-up and boasting. Stop doing that!!!

Let her have her points of view, while you have yours. Men have felt like they have either had to abandon their own beliefs in order to try to get a woman, or they had to fight with women about what they believe in. Both approaches lead to failure.

She is not there with you just to hear about your hero “qualities”, but to have a great time!


Well extensive research from dating experts have proven that these 3 first date tips work and you shouldn’t neglect them on your first date.

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