Opinion: Guys! If You Are Not Dating Any Of These Girls, Then You Are Missing,

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It is quite true that experience is the best teacher. But experience is not the best teacher to a wise man. A wise man learns from others mistakes. So its left for you to choose which category you would like as life is a function of choice.

Many people are not enjoying their relationship today because of the wrong choice. Some date because of recommendation from friends, money or even lost. It only takes a period of time to unveil the real identity of whom your partner is.

Guys, if you are not dating any of these girls, then you are really missing the rudiments of relationship.

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1. Girls who don’t nag

Girls who don’t nag are really the best to date. They will bring the best out of you by talking to you in the right tone. They are always polite and can never cause you a public embarrassment. This will give you a restful state of mind.

2. Girls that are not too jealous

It is true that one can’t totally remove jealousy from a relationship, but trust me, it has a limit. Girls who are overprotective tend to be more jealous. They will always want you around them alone.

Girls who are too jealous tend to restrict your freedom. This is what I call, “Emotional Slavery”. You will no longer associate with people freely especially with the females.

Not too jealous girls are simply the best as they provide you equilibrium in relationship.

3. Girls who can manage your resources

This is the quality that is almost going on extinct in society. Today you will hardly see girls who advise you on how to spend and allocate your resources in the right order.

To me, one out of ten girls possesses this quality. Please, guys, don’t date anyone who will lavish your efforts.

4. Girls who are funny

I can proudly say that my girlfriend is an amusement park for me. Do you know why? Anytime she’s around me, I just laugh and keep laughing. This has made me younger than my age-grades I have seen so far.

Dating someone who makes you laugh is a gift because naturally, girls are not funny. Only a selected few are.

5. Girls who are curvy.

This one is a must for me. She will look so attractive, beautiful and charming that you will always want her around. That’s simply the sole reason for dating; companionship.

So, guys, I advise you to look out for girls with these qualities. And for the girls, if you are lacking any of these qualities, try to adhere to the aforementioned features.

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