Girl In Detention For Publishing Nude Images Of Herself

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Social media has been shaken for the past weeks as a result of sensitive images published by a girl whose name CNA got as Cynthis Fiagan.

At just 21, her videos and pictures are all over social media platforms with many wondering what her parents are doing about the situation if at all they are still alive. Cynthia was first seen lightly clad in January 2022.

Back then she had explained that the videos had been published by an angry ex-boyfriend. this had attracted the sympathy of many but s the months rolled out, the narrative changed completely.

More and more videos began to surface and the protagonist decided to create a facebook page where she declared she is not ashamed of her activities and aims at making it a career. She is also reported to have declared that she is ready to do anything to become a social media influencer.

Cameroonian rapper Maahlox had said in a live video on his official facebook page that this paradigm had been promoted by others like Nathalie Koah (who became famous when nude pictures of her leaked on the internet) and so Cynthia should not be blamed. Designer Clapstyle had even offered her a free training in cloth designing but this idea was aborted less than 24 hours after.

Her disheartened mother appeared on a television set over the weekend where she explained that she had advised her daughter and even had gone as far as getting her beaten by elements of the Police force. Her daughter’s phone, she said, ha dbeen confiscated by her husband yet Cynthis kept multiplying Facebook posts as well as videos.

Reports have surfaced this July 19th claiming that Cynthia Fiagan has been detained and presented to the state prosecutor. She might therefore end up spending jail time for making what is considered wrong choices by the government of Cameroon. However, many have posited that this is not the right solution or approach to the issue.

The young girl, many say, needs moral support and should have access to a psychologist who could better her understand her thought process and thus find better ways of helping her.


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